Raymond Wong, Grace Chan, Ben Wong, and Rosina Lam
Debut on TVB Fairchild Fans Party Vancouver


TVB Fairchild Fans Party, hosted by Fairchild TV in collaboration with TVB, featured a new combination of prominent and promising artistes this time, including the charismatic Ben Wong and Raymond Wong, together with the beautiful and beloved Grace Chan and Rosina Lam. Along with the beautiful notes of their drama theme songs, the four popular stars each made an entrance from the audience section, handing out TVB souvenirs as they stepped up the stage.

A party is not complete without fun and engaging games. To kick start the momentum, MCs Mary Lo, Mandy Chan, and Suiki Zhang invited lucky fans onto the stage to play games with the four stars. Glamorous beauty Grace took the lead in the “What’s in the Drama” game, putting her memory to the test as she answered tough questions about “Brother’s Keeper II”, “K9 Cop”, “Tiger Mom Blues”, “Momentary Lapse Of Reason”, and “Short End Of The Stick”.

Next up was the loving father in “Tiger Mom Blues” Ben, as he guided a blindfolded audience to complete a puzzle with only verbal instructions, while exerting his funny and witty personality in “Miscellaneous Police Story”, which caused the audience to break out in laughter.

Last but not least, the charismatic Raymond and gorgeous Rosina partnered up with fans to battle out in the classic “Collector Game”. Aside from collecting the required items, the fans definitely could not miss the opportunity to take a selfie with their favorite stars, and share it on Fairchild Television Facebook page! As the stars competed aggressively on stage, the entire theatre erupted in cheers and laughter.

Another highlight of the Fans Party is the singing performance by the four stunning stars. Aside from watching their acting on screen, fans had the privilege of enjoying their premier singing performance in Vancouver. First to perform was Raymond, also known as the “perfect lover” in “Married but Available”, as he presented “My Love” and “Those were the Days”, instantly melting the hearts of his female fans.

Very much favored by the Hong Kong media for her singing talent, Grace brought forth “Forever Beauty” and “Paisley Galaxy” with her beautiful and harmonious voice.

Veteran actor Ben surprised the audience with his rendition of “A real man should not make a woman cry” and “Not that easy” with overflowing emotions.

The “Mahjong Queen” in “Burning Hands” Rosina then took the stage to express herself in the sweet and romantic song “At least I have you”, followed by her own theme song from “Outbound Love” – “I wish I could hate you”, mesmerizing the audience with her angelic voice.

After a series of amazing singing performances, the four stars came down from the stage to thank the already overwhelmed fans’ support with more gifts. Lastly, the stars took a group selfie with all the attending guests and ended the Fans Party on a happy note.

TVB Fairchild Fans Party Press Conference and Autograph Session


Fairchild Television has invited a new lineup of prominent and promising artistes, including the charismatic Ben Wong and Raymond Wong, along with the beautiful and beloved Grace Chan and Rosina Lam, to join the annual TVB Fairchild Fans Party. The four stars made a grand entrance into the Fans Party press conference shortly after their arrival in Vancouver to meet up with hundreds of fans who had stationed at Aberdeen Centre hours in advance. Fairchild TV broadcasted the entire press conference LIVE on Facebook, so fans could catch all the actions of this welcoming party for the four popular stars.

Upon entering the press conference, the stars immediately triggered a heated round of cheers and applause from the excited fans. They first proceeded to autograph on the giant backdrop, and then revealed their recent endeavors to press conference MC Mary. First to chat with Mary was Raymond Wong. After taking a year-long hiatus for his recovery from Behcet's Disease, Raymond has returned to the spotlight and started filming dramas, including the recently aired “Married but Available”, “Bet Hur”, and “The Forgotten Valley”. He shared some of the tips to maintain a fit and toned body figure, like his persistence on a regular workout routine despite a busy filming schedule. Raymond expressed his excitement in joining this fun-fill Fans Party, all thanks to the recommendation of his “wife” in “The Forgotten Valley”, Grace Chan.

In her homecoming trip, Vancouver-raised Grace Chan is definitely one of local fans’ favorite stars. After capturing the title of Miss Hong Kong 2013, Grace led a TVB production team back here to film a travelogue. But appearing in Fans Party is her first time officially meeting Vancouver fans. Grace is thrilled to take part in this familiar event from a few years back in Vancouver to play games with fans. Aside from interacting with local fans, Grace also looks forward to working with Raymond Wong, her husband in “Safety Valley, Catch One by One”, and Ben Wong, her master in the new drama “Birth of a Hero”. MC Mary praised Grace for her sweet and melodious voice. Her delightful singing performance at the Fans Party is to be highly anticipated.

Next up was the charismatic and charming Ben Wong. Debuted in the 80’s as a children program host, Ben slowly gained recognition with his role as Yung Heung Hoi in “The Kindred Spirit” in the 90’s. In 2011, Ben was highly praised for his portrayal of Lat Keung in “Lives of Omission”, and eventually making his way to the leading role in “Tiger Mom Blues” as a loving father. When asked about his character in the new drama “Miscellaneous Police Story” as a police officer, Ben said his job as a policeman in real life prior to entering the showbiz has helped him in perfecting his role. With previous experiences acting as an ambiguously villainous policeman, such as Lat Keung and Poon Sir in “Highs and Lows”, this time taking on a funny policeman role will certainly surprise the audience. His amusing performance at the Fans Party is not to be missed!

Last but not least was the gorgeous Rosina Lam. Always known as “Raymond Lam’s cousin”, Rosina’s acting talent was neglected by the public when her career was first launched, but with determination and perseverance, she slowly moved up to capturing the female leading role. Just last year, Rosina turned a sweet new life chapter as Mrs. Mok, and occasionally shared with fans photos of herself as a newlywed. When asked about her recent endeavors, Rosina said she has been busy taking care of her family, and looking after her restaurant business. With such busy schedule, Rosina will cut back on production. This is Rosina’s first time collaborating with the other stars, and will surely spark off boundless excitement on the Fans Party stage.

After the sharing session, a few lucky fans were selected to receive the last highly coveted tickets to the Fans Party. Then, President of Fairchild Media Group, Mr. Joe Chan presented the four stars each with an Aboriginal handcrafted Rainmaker.

Lastly, the artistes signed autographs for each enthusiastic fan, concluding the star-studded press conference with a great anticipation to the long awaited performance the following day.