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Raymond Wong

Since joining TVB in 2006, the handsome and charming Raymond Wong has become a household name as he is actively taking part in various popular TV dramas. Capturing the Most Improved Male Artiste Award at the 2010 TVB Anniversary Awards Presentation led to a rise in his popularity and earned him the opportunity to act as major leading roles in a number of drama series, including the athletic and fit boxer in “Gloves Come Off”, the loving father in “Swipe Tap Love”, a twin brother in “All That is Bitter is Sweet”, and the greedy villain in “Overachievers”.

Unfortunately, overworking has cost him a year-long hiatus after being diagnosed with Behcet's Disease in 2015. Fully recovered, Raymond returned to the spotlight and started filming various dramas, including “Bet Hur”, “Married but Available”, and “Safety Valley, Catch One by One”. Canadian fans will sure look forward to meeting the energetic and healthy Raymond after his long break.