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Ben Wong

Among the four, Ben Wong is the most experienced. He debuted in the 80’s as the first generation host of “Flash Fax”, and gradually gained recognition, eventually won the hearts of his fans with his role as Yung Heung Hoi in the long-running sitcom “The Kindred Spirit”. Despite some ups and downs, with persistence and perseverance, Ben managed to achieve recognition again in “Lives of Omission” as Lat Keung, a triad leader who was actually an undercover agent and later rewarded him with the Best Supporting Actor Award at the TVB Anniversary Awards Presentation.

From his TV appearance as a children program host to acting as an extra to taking up supporting roles, in 2014 Ben finally made his way to the leading role in “Gilded Chopsticks”, “Raising the Bar”, “Between Love & Desire”, and “Tiger Mom Blues”. As a veteran actor and talented media personality, Ben will definitely bring excitement and laughter to this fun Fans Party!