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Rosina Lam

Always known as “Raymond Lam’s cousin”, Rosina Lam’s acting talent was neglected by the public when her career was first launched. After graduating from the Beijing Central Academy of Drama, Rosina joined the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre as a stage actress. In 2011, she was offered a contract by TVB, slowly moving up to capturing the female leading role. In her recent dramas, Rosina showcased her vivid acting talent, as she brought to life two totally opposite characters, including Fa Ying-yuet in “Momentary Lapse of Reason”, a self-centered and money-loving amorous courtesan, and Kam Dai-nam in “Short End of the Stick”, a tough tomboy.

This year, she took on another challenge as Ho Ching-fa in “Burning Hands”, a mahjong swindler and “Mahjong Queen”. Rosina recently married her financial elite boyfriend in 2015, and officially announced that she will cut back on production. Her performances in this year’s “TVB Fairchild Fans Party” will certainly be a highlight!