Raymond Wong, Grace Chan, Ben Wong and Rosina Lam Four hottest artists visit Toronto for TVB Fairchild Fans Party


The most anticipated event TVB Fairchild Fans Party brought a new cast of hottest artists to Toronto this year. Including the charismatic Ben Wong and Raymond Wong, along with the beautiful and beloved Grace Chan and Rosina Lam, sharing their first ever Fans Party event with Fairchild audiences. The event is organized by Fairchild TV, the four artists spent a fun-filled night together with their fans on April 9th at John Bassett Theater.

The party began with the dramas theme songs which featured by the four artists have deeply rooted in their fans heart. Each star also handed out T-shirts with their autographs to the scene fans, made the opening extra fun and excited. MCs Poon Sir and Yiu-Yiu first introduced Raymond Wong whom are familiar by lots of audiences watching his latest drama 《Married But Available》. He heated up the atmosphere with the upbeat songs to the fans. Miss Hong Kong and Miss Chinese International from Vancouver, Grace Chan, she was thrilled to return home and seeing lots of fans and supporters. To express her appreciation for her fans’ support, she debuted her delightful singing performance to the fans in Toronto. Ben Wong whom played a good father and a good husband role in《Tiger Mom Blues》, gained recognition overtime. To sync with the character, he sang two affectionate songs to the fans. MCs welcomed Rosina Lam whom is also much anticipated by fans. Toronto fans are very lucky to meet her at the Fans Party stage since she has officially cut down her production with TVB. Rosina expressed that she is very happy to meet fans in Toronto, and she specially selected a well-known song of hers from drama 《Outbound Love》to bring to her fans, radiating tons of positive energy. The audiences were clapping in time with the music. Each of the four stars walked down around the stage the audiences flocked over to them to take selfies, the artist handing out TVB souvenirs, pausing here and there to shake hands and take photos, causing a stir amongst fans.

Aside from the artists’ performances, interactions with audiences are always the highlights of the Fans Party.

After an evening with full of laughter and gifts, few lucky fans were chosen to take a group selfie with stars on stage and audience together, marking a beautiful end to another great Fans Party.

TVB Fairchild Fans Party Press Conference and Autograph


The most anticipated event TVB Fairchild Fans Party is bringing the hottest artists to Toronto this year including the charismatic Ben Wong and Raymond Wong, along with the beautiful and beloved Grace Chan and Rosina Lam, to join the annual TVB Fairchild Fans Party. Many fans gathered at First Markham Place hours in advance to secure a prime spot to meet their favorite artists.

The four artists went straight to the press conference upon their arrival, to meet with their beloved fans. Emcee of the autograph session indulged the fans with lucky draw to win TVB gifts and water filtration pitchers from Brita Canada while waiting for the artists to arrive.

Raymond Wong were introduced first to greet his local fans. In his latest drama 《Married But Available》, he played a young CEO name "Lucas ", a strong character with ambitions. This role helped him attracted more fans and followers. Fans also noticed that his look is slightly different from the drama, he explained his new hair style is for his upcoming piece《The Forgotten Valley》. He also talked about various roles he played and the challenges he faced preparing for his new dramas releasing in 2017 including《Bet Hur》and 《The Forgotten Valley》.

Grace Chan has started her career from winning the titles of Miss Hong Kong and Miss Chinese International. Her exceptional beauty, intelligence, and outstanding performance helped her grow fast in the industry and obtained lots of fans base. Grace thank the continuous support from fans. She is very happy to be back in Canada, not only meeting and playing games with fans in “TVB Fairchild Fans Party”, she is also very excited to see her family and friends in Vancouver. Within three years, Grace already took on the leading roles in various dramas, her performance in 《Blue Veins》was highly acclaimed followed by another breakthrough in the hit drama series 《Brother's Keeper II》. She also introduced her new drama partnered with Raymond Wong《The Forgotten Valley》 and upcoming drama 《Birth of A Hero》.

Among the four, Ben Wong is the most experienced. In 2014 Ben finally made his way to the leading role and gradually gained recognition. In 《Tiger Mom Blues》, he played a good husband and good father, he caused a lot of sympathy for the audiences. During the broadcast in Hong Kong, it won lots of supporters and viewers, the highest ratings recorded 31 points. Ben talked about many of the characters he played before, and introduced his new dramas to the audiences including his partnership with Grace Chan in 《Birth of A Hero》.

Last but not least, fans are very excited and anticipated to see Rosina Lam, welcomed her with lots of cheering and screaming. Rosina expressed that she is happy to have this chance meeting many fans in Toronto. In her recent dramas, Rosina showcased her vivid acting talent, as she brought to life two totally opposite characters, including “Fa Ying-yuet” in 《Momentary Lapse of Reason》, a self-centered and money-loving amorous courtesan, and “Kam Dai-nam” in 《Short End of the Stick》, a tough tomboy. This year, she took on another challenge as “Win Jeh”in 《Burning Hands》, a mahjong swindler and “Mahjong Queen”, has built up lots of fans and supporters.

The four artists then drew four lucky fans to take picture with and get the most sought-after “not for sale” tickets to TVB Fairchild Fans Party 2017. Assistant General Manager (East) of Fairchild Television, Ms. Connie Sephton presented the artistes with a Canadian souvenir and wished them success at the show. The last and most anticipated segment of the press conference was of course the autograph session. The four stars personally signed autographs for each fan, marking the perfect ending to the event.